Light as far as the eye can see

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Wide beam

Full field of view

Carbi offers you a significantly wider beam of light, eliminating the well-known tunnel effect found in all conventional LED lamps. A high powered, smart, peripheral light designed to illuminate your complete field of view.

Remote phosphor

New lighting technology

This revolutionary technology is more efficient and makes it possible to reduce weight, while increasing battery life! This revolutionary technology is more efficient and makes it possible to reduce weight, while increasing battery life!

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ANT+ Connectable

Adapts to your Speed Efficiently

Carbi is compatible with LGT (Bicycle Lights) and SPD (Bike Speed) ANT+ protocols. When connected to an SPD sensor Carbi automatically adjusts the FLOOD and SPOT lights independently, effectively illuminating the path where it is most needed. Increasing the safety and improving the battery life. You can read more about ANT+ protocols here:

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Cree XLamp® XP-G3

2 Royal Blue (flood) + 1 White (spot)

The XLamp® XP-G3 LED is the most efficient LED within the Cree XP-G range. By incorporating elements of the Cree SC5 Technology™ range, the XP-G3 LED offers high efficiency at high operating temperatures and high performance.

Carclo® Lenses

20mm lens with 11.5 degrees beam

The lenses in Carbi are Carclo® standard components, ensuring the highest quality and reliability. By high-precision plastic optics made of pure polycarbonate the accuracy of precision injection procedure is a few micrometers.

Aluminum PCBS

Better Performance with Aluminium Circuits

We used aluminum printed circuit boards to transfer heat from the LEDs to the rear casing and thus dissipate temperature efficiently and safely.

Arrow Certified Technology

Arrow has reviewed our product electronic and software design and verified that it is feasible for manufacturing.

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Join the Lithium revolution

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Lithium-ion momentum

Extremely Lightweight and Long-lasting

The freedom to explore the world begins with Carbi’s battery. We’ve used lithium-ion batteries and packed 3.3 Ah of capacity in a battery that weighs only 128 grams (4.5 oz).

Smart battery

Battery Monitor

Automotive inspired Battery Management System (BMS) that regulates Carbi’s power consumption and ensures your safety.

Battery level

Monitors battery level using LED display

Easily check your batteries status with the push of a button. For a more accurate battery level you can check it thanks to our free iOS and Android mobile App.

Battery casing

Protected Battery

Carbi’s battery casing has been designed to act as a protective cover for each separate cell. The seal, made with ultrasonic welding technology, is waterproof and shockproof.

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Reliable battery

Constant Light Intensity

Unlike a light with AA or AAA batteries, in which the light intensity begins to decrease as the battery is discharged, the CARBI lithium-ion battery provides the same light intensity throughout the battery discharge cycle.

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Standard alkaline battery

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Carbi lithium-ion battery

Mobile App

Smart and connected

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Choose your own settings

Create your own flood and spot light steps settings, control button long and short push button actuation.

User Profiles

Save different profiles

Save different profiles so you can easily switch between different activities without waste a minute.

Usage statistics

Track your activity at dark

Carbi’s storage the time you have been using it so you can track your activity.

Remote Control

Control your lamp remotely

Take advantage of Carbi’s unique flood lighting to take the perfect shot adjusting flood and spot light intensity remotely.

Battery status

Accurate battery life estimation

Carbi’s Smart Battery features a chip that provides a unique identification number for you to access a host of information through the App: battery charge status, temperature, cycle times and much more. Battery status can also be checked by the high-intensity LEDs built into the battery.

Minimum battery consumption

Energy-efficient Bluetooth

Carbi has the lowest possible energy and radiation consumption. The data is stored in the app and sent only when the user connects Carbi via Bluetooth Low Energy.


Design and Innovation on your Lamp

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Ultra-light weight

Aluminium Body

The hybrid aluminum and polycarbonate case design allows to reduce the weight, which is one of the most critical aspects of the product. Carbi weights only 73gr (2,57oz), and the battery 128gr (4,5oz).

Minimalist size

Extremly Compact and Robust

The compact, rounded housing design gives it an incredibly nice feel. We payed attention to detail, to provide you with an innovative design inspired by geometric shapes, clean lines and lots of style.

Waterproof & Impact proof

IP68 20 meters

We have achieved IP68 protection at 20 m for the lamp casing, connectors and batteries. 

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Ultrahard coated polycarbonate

Carbi’s front casing is made of hard coated polycarbonate, which is a material with extremely high impact strength and transparency. To increase scratch resistance during your adventures, it is protected by an abrasion-resistant coating.

Temperature control

Directional heat dissipation

In Carbi’s patented casing design, each LED is mounted on an aluminum bracket so that heat is transferred directionally to the outer surface of the aluminum case in contact with the air, increasing energy efficiency.

Secure mount

Securely fastened lamp and battery

Both the lamp and the battery are secured with an M5 screw to any of our available mounts. In addition, the lamp mount is compatible with any of your existing GoPro® accessories.

Control Switch

Easier in-use activation

Ergonomic button design and easy to access and activate even with groves. Carbi’s is controlled with a single button cycling with long and/or short pushes as selected with the App settings.


Enjoy night sports with complete peace of mind and confidence.


Comfort in Style

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Elastic Bike Mount

Quick and Safe

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Helmet Mount

Extremely light and compact

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