If you have any more specific question about the project, design, components or design detail please contact us.

No. Even though Carbi is waterproof and IP68 20m it is not designed for diving.

Please suscribe and we will let you know as soon as it is available. 

Yes. Carbi is completely modular and we will offer an upgrade service. Please suscribe and we will let you know as soon as new LED boards are available.


Carbi is above all a new concept of outdoor lighting. Combining High Intensity LEDs, Remote Phosphors technology and a Patented case design Carbi efficiently and uniformly illuminates your complete field of view, and therefore improving your safety and the way you enjoy of your environment at night.

Yes, Carbi will be IP68 certified according ANSI / NEMA FL1 standards and temporary submerging up to 2 meters is no problem. Carbi is not suitable for diving.
The FL1 standard is a set of ANSI / NEMA standards to compare the product specifications of different lamp manufacturers.

Yes, without limitations. Carbi is absolutely heat-proof thanks to its exclusive controlled heat system which allows the user to run the lamp to its max and Carbi takes care of the heat by dimming the light output very gently to avoid abrupted light drops. Caution! The aluminium enclosure will heat up and you may burn your fingers.

The mist is caused by the condensation of the humidity of the air contained in the lamp; the lamp itself is watertight. The mist does not constitute any problem.


Please contact us by email on You may return the entire lamp set including the battery pack to us. Also remember to include a brief description of the error.

We plan to offer an upgrade service soon. Subscribe to our Newsletter and we will let you know as soon as upgrade kits are available on the website If new LED’s are available on the market and the upgrade represents a significant improvement on  Carbi’s performance, an upgrading kit will be available.

We plan to offer an upgrade service soon. Subscribe to our Newsletter and we will let you know as soon as remote phosphor kits are available on the website


The LEDs have indeed an almost unlimited life. Long-term tests indicate that the LEDs lose merely about 10% of their luminance after 2 years of permanent operation (17,500 hours).

We exclusively use Cree XP-G3 Royal Blue in combination with remote phosphor for the Flood light and Cree XP-G3 White for Spot light.

The principle of the remote phosphor is a large emitting surface that delivers a uniform light and eliminate the need of a secondary optic to achieve the desired light distribution.

Lumens and running time values given for Carbi have been performed in a certified Lab and they are not calculated values.


The capacity and the running times given to our Carbi batteries have been performed in a certified laboratory and they are not calculated values.

Lithium-ion batteries are unbeatable in this respect: at the most approximately 10% per year at a storage temperature of 20°C, at lower temperatures even less.

The life of a battery pack depends on different factors. On the cell type, on how much it is used and on how it is treated. In general, a life of 500-800 charging/discharging cycles can be assumed before the battery’s capacity decreases significantly (80% of the nominal value). This corresponds to a minimum period of use of approximately 3-5 years if the battery is used twice a week.

The status led are an estimation of the energy left in the battery pack based on the voltage and showed to the user in percentage (25% 50% 75% 100%). For an accurate monitoring of the battery parameters and values you can connect Carbi to the APP.

Yes, both lamp and battery pack comply with the IP68 certification and FL1 Standards.


Yes, as Carbi is compatible with GoPro® mounts you can almost use Carbi on every common handlebar.

No, the mounting screw is provided with the headband or helmet mounts, not with the battery packs. If you need an extra battery screw it will be available soon on shop after it is available.

Carbi’s headband is widely adjustable so we only provide a single model.


Please follow the manual instructions provided with your lamp.

Carbi App is free and will be available for Android and iOS operation systems.

It is not considered at the moment we only plan to provide Android and iOS applications. Nevertheless Carbi is constantly under development and we will be happy to listen to your proposals at

Carbi uses the latest Bluetooth 5 Low Energy technology for a minimum energy consumption. The data is stored in the lamp and battery internal memory and sent on demand only when the user connects Carbi via Bluetooth.

The data from the battery can only be accessed after it has to been connected to the lamp and then the lamp connected to the phone.

ANT Wireless is an ultra-low power wireless communication protocol between devices. To learn more about ANT please visit

Carbi batteries have a unique ID that allows the App to store individual information from each of your batteries, so you can know for instance the number of charge and discharge cycles of each battery which gives the possibility of tracking the lifespan of your batteries.

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